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7.91 second Supra

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Orido’s studio shots

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Decisions decisions

AB Flug Supra or AB Flug Porsche?

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Ouchies for Orido

Before and after pics of course.

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It’s been a long time coming

After doing so well with his street cred and his ability, Orido finally landed a first place finish in the D1GP League. The Supra was AMAZING. Glad he’s keeping it real with the Supra after all of these years.

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Found the Top Secret blog

And here is some of the awesome-ness from it.

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Orido in Abu Dhabi? What!?

For the longest time I have been a fan of Manabu Orido. His jokes, the way he mods his cars, and his over sense of graphic style. When I first start to like him as a driver. It was when he was competing in the D1 league with his personal Supra that was street prep’d and it was up there with the big boys in their purpose built drift cars. He soon made it full street status again and started piloting different drift cars over the years. Supras for the most part, and an Aristo for a short period. Orido also has his own aero company by the name of Ridox, products made by Varis. He has this off the wall but still simple form of aero on his Ridox line for the Supra. I’m not a big fan of aero on Supras, being that the DoLuck Type II kit and the Ridox kit are the only two I like. Must say something.

Recently there was a drift exhibition at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Orido was there with his competition Supra and a lot of the better US guys were there too. I found these pictures this morning and had to put them up there. Showing the detail of his drift Supra.

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