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Welcome back Kimi, welcome back


The Iceman is back at Ferrari. Kimi left Lotus for whatever reasons that may be to come back home to the Tifosi and Ferrari. Who would have thought the guy Ferrari paid, essentially, to go away would be welcomed back with open arms. He’s more relaxed now, Ferrari is a bit more relaxed now. Sure Lotus had or has one of the best working environments you could and can ask for. But when paychecks and bonuses aren’t being paid, allegedly, something has to give. As a huge Kimi fan and a huge Ferrari fan, I welcome the ol’ boy back.




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What has happened here?


This is the Valencia street circuit in Spain, it has been two years since this track has been visited. The sad part about this track is the fact of the part of town it is in. People using the beautiful bridge to score some drugs, homeless people are all over the area. It’s a shame what this beautiful track has turned into. Hell, it’s the home of one of the craziest accidents of the modern era.



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RIP Maria de Villota



An inspiration to many and loved by all.

Racing in a better place, RIP Maria de Villota.