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Daft Punk at the Monaco GP





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Video of Rossi’s NASCAR test

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And it begins


Marc Marquez became the youngest MotoGP race winner in history. This is just the beginning for the kid. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with as the season continues on.

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Too cool to not talk about



Recently Alexander Rossi was allowed to drive Jim Clark’s 1967 Lotus 49. A car that won it’s maiden race at Zandvoort with Jim Clark behind the wheel. It was a simple but amazing car that was actually raced across four seasons, with three different variations, two constructor’s championships, and a driver’s championship for Graham Hill. It was a unique design that lead to a revolution in car design. The motor was bolted up and became a stress bearing part of the monocoque. After Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe had designed the Lotus 49 like this, it has been a standard ever since.




The on board footage of Alexander Rossi is rather interesting in a few different ways. For one, he’s really pushing the car on to it’s limits. It’s stepping out on him quite a bit, he’s fighting an F1 car from a rather manic period of racing. The ridiculous Ford-Cosworth DFV V8 set off a revolution in motor design. The other interesting part? As written in the article, it says it’s his first time driving an H pattern transmission. The sad part is, it’s painfully obvious. While he is from a different era, the mechanic on site should have said something to him about it or gave him a bit of instruction that this transmission is quite different from what he’s used to. In the end, I believe it should have been left to a different driver who understood exactly what he’s getting into.


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Marc Marquez; Demon on two wheels




Marc Marquez is going to be the next Rossi, except he’s Spanish. He’s a menace with a Rossi like precision. But here’s the best part? He’s a kid. He’s young, he’s got plenty of years ahead of him, and he’s immune to Rossi’s mental games. Sure Rossi is back on his prestigious M1, but Marquez is on a proven bike that is the complete package. As well Marquez is the complete package. He gets low like Stoner, he knows how to manage a bike, and he’s got one of the best teams around him.

Marc Marquez isn’t racing other riders. Other riders are racing Marc Marquez.

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