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The Sebring winning 76 911 RSR


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An awesome trunk idea


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RIP Sean Edwards


A great racer and an even better person. Sean was one of the few professional drivers that responded to the public through social media. I traded PMs with him a few times through a message board. He was always helpful in explaining things, sharing his insight from the other side of things. He was a very skilled driver. Very smooth, very calculated, and very precise. He was a giant killer and was the first driver to take a Porsche Cup Car through the Eau Rouge curve with out lifting. Yes, he’s that good, he kept the throttle to the floor through Eau Rouge. Sean brought us amazing moments like these.

And this ridiculous drive. And yes, he muscled by a GT3R at the beginning. A car that is more engineered and more powerful than his 997.1 Cup Car.

Chris Harris had the pleasure of driving with him and wrote an amazing article about him.


He was one of the best, in my opinion the best, Porsche Cup Car driver to ever walk this Earth and that’s how I will remember Sean.


Rest In Peace Sean Edwards; 12/6/1986 – 10/15/2013.

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