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Believe it or not

I’ve been wondering to myself a bit when I make these posts about when I’m going to do something out of the ordinary. Cover something a little off the radar. Something that will push people out of their comfort zones a bit. I don’t like the whole politics deal, so I stay out of that. I don’t try to cover anything too controversial or so blind sighted you walk away.  But today, I’m stepping out of the norm and posting a really interesting picture I happened to come across while on a particular message board this morning. And it may be work safe for some people and may not be work safe for others.

So why did I post this picture? Look at the title of this post, why? Because, believe it or not, this picture isn’t of a real girl. She is one hundred percent made in a couple different imaging programs. Sure most people will see this for content and click away from this. But some people might sit back appreciate this picture for what it really is. A highly detailed three dimensional piece of artwork. With my taste in women aside, I think the attention to detail, time, and effort put into this piece of work is simply incredible.

Here is a link to the person’s DeviantArt to get a sampling of their work.

SaphireNishi on DeviantArt