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One for the bucket list


For a while now, I’ve been browsing CraigsList looking for old CB750s? Why? For the very reason above, except that particular bike is a CB550, not a 750. What I’ve wanted to for the longest time is to pick up a 750, pull everything off of it except for the motor, trans, and swing arm. From there on, I would fit modern suspension and brakes to it. After that the fun would begin. I’d start to hand form the fairings and gas tank myself. Using metal forming tools and brute strength to get that look of those mid to late 70s MotoGP machines that were ridden amongst the likes of Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts, and Barry Sheene.


Now can I ride? No. Would I like to? Eventually at some point. But would I bask in the glory that I hand made just about every piece I felt I could on this bike? Yes, of course. I would treat it as a piece of art. I would relive the glory days of Kenny Roberts’ dirt track riding style on the circuits of his 1978, 1979, and 1980 seasons. Or Giacomo’s glory years of 1967 through 1972. Or even when playboys ruled the world in the mid 70s with Barry Sheene. All of those bikes from that era were magnificent. Sure today’s MotoGP rides are batshit crazy with technology and power. But with the 70s MotoGP machines you had carbs and testicles.


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Some legends gathered up for a ride







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Valentino is back on the M1

As much as I believed Rossi and Ducati were a match made in heaven where they could turn around their errors as of late. But when you have a guy of Rossi’s magnitude telling you what’s wrong, you need to change things. He was even backing up what Stoner was saying about the bike. But if you don’t change things when a guy with nine world championships, a hundred plus wins, and turned Yamaha around, you got some problems.

Yes Ducati I get it, you have to follow certain paths because of how your street bike program acts. So if you can’t listen to two very good riders. One who had to adapt himself to the bike’s riding style. You are going to end up on a sinking ship.

But as I digress to Rossi going back to Yamaha…..

The prodigal son has returned.

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Yamaha’s 50th anniversary livery

At Assen and Laguna Seca this season, Yamaha is bringing back their retro white, red, and black livery. This color setup is amazing and very appealing to the eyes in my opinion. It doesn’t help that my favorite colors are black, red, and white.

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WSBK Round 2 pics

All I could find in a short search, today’s winners from round 1 and 2. Marco Melandro and Carlos Checa.

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Ben Spies on the M1 in Sepang

So happy he finally landed that factory ride in MotoGP. Watch out for some interesting battles this year between Ben, Rossi, Hayden, Lorenzo, and maybe Stoner? Pedrosa might be up there, you never know.

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