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New Forza 4 car pack teaser

The hell is this Playseat shit?


Yeah, we get an Ascari!


New feelings on the Porsche Car Pack

When it was first announced that Turn 10 had gotten the rights to bring Porsches back to Forza, I was excited.


I’m let down. This car pack could have been ridiculously epic. If it even had HALF of the cars I put in my list, it would have been epic. But no. Turn 10 is recycling garbage from Forza 3. A 997.1 GT3? A 996 GT3? A Flying Lizard Motorsports “Art Car”? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit Turn 10.

I was a devoted Forza follower. It was one of the reasons I purchased an XBox 360 in the first place. Now? I’m regretting it because my previous console was a Playstation 2. Note neither console’s simulation driver has Porsches. But still, I converted to the 360 for Forza.

This is disappointing Turn 10, you have failed as a game maker and failed to keep me devoted to your brand. Unless something drastic is done for Forza Horizon or Forza 5, I might hang up the 360 and see what the PS3 and Gran Turismo has to offer.


My thoughts on the Porsche Car Pack

For a while now a lot of us enthusiasts were left with a gaping hole in our Forza garages where our Porsches would reside. When Forza Motorsport 4 was being released it was devoid of Porsches, why? EA Sports and Turn 10 couldn’t agree on some sort of deal to have the Porsche platform come to the XBox 360 once again. Now eight months after release we finally have a Porsche Car Pack being dropped on May 22nd, the car list is being highly regarded as top secret with Turn 10 dropping two cars a day at various times to build up the hype of the car pack. The current dropped cars are the Porsche 993 GT2, Cayenne Turbo, two 997 Cup Cars, a 996 Cup Car, a 959, a 996 GT3, and a 914/6. Already I’m a bit disappointed by this Car Pack.

Why? We’re getting thirty new and classic Porsches in this car pack. Well, one, the 914 isn’t new nor is it a classic. It’s the Mustang II of the Porsche community, no one wants to admit to that atrocity of a car.

That was easy for my first comment.

Next is the Cup Cars. There is a simple way to deal with the Cup Car situation. Bring in two basic Cup Cars. A body in white of the 996 and the 997.2, after that you bring in some memorable Cup Cars. I would personally wouldn’t mind seeing the 996 Flying Lizard RSR, the 997.2 Flying Lizard RSR, and the 997.2 Falken RSR. With the other Cup Cars, Turn 10 could also include the GT3R and the GT3RSR Hybrid.

When it comes to classic Porsches, there are plenty to choose from honestly, but for now, we’ll stick to Porsche’s racing heritage. The 550 RS, 917, 911 RSR, and 935 should have been required to be in this car pack. That’s classic Porsche heritage right there. Now as far as classic road models are concerned, there is only one, the first 911.

Now what is left? The modern Porsches, this is probably the section most of the public is going to hate when Turn 10 drops this pack. Again though, in my opinion, the cars I will be listing will be the easiest to please everyone with. With that being said, let’s begin the list of modern Porsches. The 996 GT2, Cayman R, Cayman S, 997.2 Turbo S, 997 GT2, 997.2 GT2RS, 997.1 GT3RS, 997.2 GT3RS, 997.2 GT3RS 4.0, Cayenne Turbo, and the Panamera Turbo. Then you come to the supercar territory, what should be there? The CGT, 959, 911 GT1, and the new 918. I don’t think there is much left to this Porsche Car Pack in my opinion. Maybe in some of the older Porsches they could include the 964 for the RWB fans.

So the list of cars would look like this.

  • 996 GT3RSR from Flying Lizard Motorsports
  • 997.2 GT3RSR from Flying Lizard Motorsports
  • 997.2 GT3RSR from Falken Tire Motorsports
  • 996 GT3RSR
  • 997.2 GT3RSR
  • 997.2 GT3RSR Hybrid
  • 997.2 GT3R
  • 997.2 GT3 Cup Car
  • 550 RS
  • 917
  • 911 RSR
  • 935
  • 964
  • 996 GT2
  • Cayman R
  • Cayman S
  • 996 GT2
  • 997.2 Turbo S
  • 997 GT2
  • 997 GT2RS
  • 997.1 GT3RS
  • 997.2 GT3RS
  • 997.2 GT3RS 4.0
  • Cayenne Turbo
  • Panamera Turbo
  • Carrera GT
  • 911 GT1
  • 959
  • 918 Hybrid/RSR

And there you go, I still meet the 30 car quota with no bullshit.

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My thoughts on Forza 4

Just a few quick thoughts on Forza 4. Like… Really Turn 10? You kept the same exact wheel options from Forza 3? Really!? But really though. The game is incredible. There is a real sensation of speed. I was racing on the old Le Mans track with an Aston Martin Lola. At 200+ the car was shaking and it was completely awe inspiring. Pretty sweet for a game! I’ll update more tomorrow!