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This is how you do it

Yes, this is another blog post about Jon Olsson and his ridiculous R8. Well, sort of, he plays a significant role into my post today. Look at the bigger picture of Jon’s R8. It’s pretty much one of the baddest cars around. Full carbon fiber widebody, extremely low, one off Thule roof box, 800+HP to the wheels, and guess what? He drives the piss out of it. I mean, he really does.

He’s done the Gumball in it, he drives it on edge all the time. So what is the basis of my post today?

People who build gnarly street cars and don’t garage them.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about this, I witnessed it almost daily with a friend of mine and his Audi A4. It’s not very often you see this. Trevor and Jon are alike in the fact, they daily drive, or well in Trevor’s part drove, two cars that most would deem unusable. Jon’s 800HP+ R8 and Trevor’s stanced A4. Most of the people who build serious street cars build them and stash them away in a garage.

Why people end up doing this baffles me. At first I was on the garage team, you have something so serious, so precious, you couldn’t drive it in fear of it being damaged. But as I’ve matured and experienced a few things in life. I’ve stepped from that team and gone over to the “Use It And Abuse It” team. You don’t have a Porsche GT3RS and NOT track it. That seems redundant to me. So if it’s a ridiculous R8, a stanced A4, a Porsche GT3RS, or any highly tuned car, you have to drive it. This was brought even more to my attention when I was reading an F40 Buyer’s Guide. The guy mentioned in his post that most of the F40s that he had witness blow up on track were garage queens.

Further proving my point, if you build it to be driven, then drive it until the wheels fall off. Or until an axle pops out at an intersection. Either way, that’s what the cars are built to do. Don’t let them sit pretty in a garage, while that may be cool, but the car doesn’t gain any stories, you don’t bond with it, you don’t see highs or lows with it. When you let it sit, it’s a paper weight. Now there are exceptions to this school of thought I’ve developed. While driving cars and bonding with them are great, people have priorities. You will never be able to fully enjoy the car twenty four seven. But once you’ve taken care of your priorities, then you can play. It’s very give and take.

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Wish I could travel like Olsson

Audi R8 – Check.

800HP+ – Check.

Carbon Fiber body and kit – Check.

Me having the keys – ?????

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