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Rossi’s Ranch

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Rossi’s Pink Floyd Helmet




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Valentino is back on the M1

As much as I believed Rossi and Ducati were a match made in heaven where they could turn around their errors as of late. But when you have a guy of Rossi’s magnitude telling you what’s wrong, you need to change things. He was even backing up what Stoner was saying about the bike. But if you don’t change things when a guy with nine world championships, a hundred plus wins, and turned Yamaha around, you got some problems.

Yes Ducati I get it, you have to follow certain paths because of how your street bike program acts. So if you can’t listen to two very good riders. One who had to adapt himself to the bike’s riding style. You are going to end up on a sinking ship.

But as I digress to Rossi going back to Yamaha…..

The prodigal son has returned.

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This sort of style seems vaguely familiar

Guess what they say is true for Valentino Rossi. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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