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Leh Keen and his GTR at AMP

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The Ben Sopra GTR

Complete with clam shell front end!

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Top Seret’s DRS for the GTR

Don’t know if this would work on a street car too well.

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Found the Top Secret blog

And here is some of the awesome-ness from it.

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The R35 GTR

While I, like most people, think this isn’t a Skyline nor is it a GTR, they can be made to look nice in simple ways. I’m not the biggest fan of over the top aero, but when it is used appropriately it can be amazing. But with the GTRs, only the Top Secret and Mines stuff is what I like. I came across this picture late last night. Just a simple lowering job and a set of Volk G2s. So simple, yet so amazing.

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