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What has happened here?


This is the Valencia street circuit in Spain, it has been two years since this track has been visited. The sad part about this track is the fact of the part of town it is in. People using the beautiful bridge to score some drugs, homeless people are all over the area. It’s a shame what this beautiful track has turned into. Hell, it’s the home of one of the craziest accidents of the modern era.



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What are friends for?


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On a rain soaked Saturday

Alonso fought tooth and nail for his pole position and he got it. While Schumacher still silences his critics.

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Give Mark Webber an IronMan award

From 18th to 3rd. Just as badass as Kimi’s 17th to 1st a few years back in Suzuka.

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Mark Webber and the GT2RS

Let’s not forget that his personal GT2RS is an amazing spec one too. A color scheme I’m quite fond of as well.

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