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GT3rs vs 458 at the ‘Ring

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The car that got me into older Porsches


It’s called Dolphin Grey and this particular GT3RS got it through the Paint To Sample option. From my understanding, I will edit to correct it if I’m wrong, the PTS option is 10% of the price of the car in question. The GT3RS had a MSRP of $172k. Which made this a $17k option. In my opinion? It was a well spent $17k. Maybe I’m bias because it’s an extremely amazing color and the fact it’s the only one of it’s kind. But to me, it inspired a like for older Porsches. I had to use Google to figure out where it came from it. It’s a color that was only available for year, 1965, on the 356.

That day I figured out two things, might as well be one, but two, in a sense. If I hit the lottery, track down the owner of this GT3RS and say “Here’s a check, write the amount you’d sell the car for on it” and track down a 1965 356 in Dolphin Grey. I can only imagine the amount of money that would run a pretty penny, but to have this GT3RS’s Great Great Grandfather sitting next to it in the garage would be an amazing sight to behold.

Well, here’s to dreams.


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Can’t wait to see this car on Sunday


Yes, that is what you think you’re seeing. A GT3RS getting some air over a bridge.

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Start of a fun day


The story behind this picture is rather simple actually. The car rolled off the factory floor, had these modifications done and rolled straight over to the Nurburgring for the 24 hour race there. It suffered some minor damage, a broken light and ding. But it ran solid the entire time. Besides the normal fueling up, changing tires, and keeping the windshield clean, the GT3RS’s pit crew changed the front brakes on the car. Something they anticipated.

It finished 13th overall.

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The perfect GT3RS

It’s a retro color called Dolphin Gray, love it. This would be replaced if someone made a Macadamia Metallic GT3RS.

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A friend’s GT3RS

What an incredible car, words can’t fathom how awesome it is. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

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What a day it was

I spent most of my day in Sebring today at the Sebring International Raceway. It was probably the best day I ever spent a track. Met tons of cool people and saw tons of cool cars. Mainly Porsches, but they were all insane.

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