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Bacon pancakes!


Why I don’t drink and cook

Love you Hannah, Jenna, Grace!

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My failboating of making Fried Chicken

The other day I was discussing making fried chicken with a buddy of mine and I decided to try it. I had some chicken wings in the fridge, a third of the work was already done. I had to prep it and cook it. Which when I thought about it, didn’t seem too bad. Now that I’ve cooked the chicken and I ate it. I will never. NEVER. Never make fried chicken again. Unless there’s a cute girl asking me and/or I have an electric fryer. As most of my stress came from getting the oil up to temp this evening.

The following few pictures are of the prep process. Which was leaving the wings sit in buttermilk over night. The buttermilk had garlic powder, celery seed, and a little bit of freshly ground pepper mixed into it. After soaking over night it was tossed in flour that had celery seed, paprika, red pepper flakes, and ground red pepper. I didn’t have enough spices in the flour to give it any flavor.

The next part was a real test of my patience. I had to try twice to get the oil going and up to temp actually. It was a pain in the ass to the point to where I almost gave up and went to make a PB and J. But when I finally got it going the chicken came out pretty decent. I just needed more spice in the flour to get the flavor I was looking for.

Day 1 of 2, uneventful

For the most part my day was pretty uneventful. A nice relaxing drive with some decent music going. The only real stand out moment was this.

Police escort, two and a half lanes wide, and doing 55 on 295. What was it? A scoop for a Caterpillar. They ended up going around Jacksonville on 295. So I went through Jacksonville, and where 295 merges with 95, I got out just ahead of them!

Where I stopped off for lunch, $10 all you can eat barbecue? I’m in!

First plate, pork with the Duke’s “hot” sauce, cold macaroni and cheese, and two hush puppies. I had four, but I ate two while waiting on my drink. The pork was great! The hot sauce wasn’t so hot, even with my weakened hot sauce appreciation. It had an odd flavor though. Like an overly spicy sauce with lots of mustard flavor. The macaroni and cheese was fresh and under a lamp. But cold, weird right?

Second plate, more hush puppies, pork and mild sauce, and suckatash. I saved the hush puppies for last. The mild sauce is a good mild sauce, savory sweet and mixed well with the pork. And the suckatash tasted like it was cooked with a beef roast, real odd flavor for sure. But the overall place was good!

Duke’s Barbecue

And a picture of the color change in Florida.


A trip to Datz

I was searching for a random place to get lunch the other day and I came across a place called Datz deli in the newspaper while at work. I looked it up on Google and it had some pretty good reviews, about 90% of them were good, and the other 10% were negative reviews. And I don’t know if the people were nitpicky about their restaurants but the service was impeccable and the only real problem I had was the price. But you paid a hefty price for a large portion of food. I got their Chicago Dog. It was a mssive 11″ half pound 100% Black Angus sirloin dog with mustard, white onion, pickle relish, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt and pickles. It was also served with their home made potato chips that had a nice little bleu cheese and green onion drizzle.


I cooked a new dish tonight

I started the day thinking I was going to cook a chicken dish for dinner tonight, but I had no idea I would end up making a pasta dish with steak actually. I even went as far as buying some cheese for this ordeal. I’ve been going about this whole dish by the seat of my pants.

Just simple things really. Healthy Harvest rotini whole wheat pasta, I’ve been on this whole wheat, wheat grain, multiple grain kick since I started my diet and work out regiment and it’s great! I love the taste of wheat grain stuff, it’s refreshing honestly. I was raised on Newman’s Own sauces my whole life and they make a quality sauce. I decided to be different and pick up something I haven’t tried. The Cabernet Marinara was on sale, so I figured why not? The parmigiano reggiano was something I borrowed from my Mom. She put it in a pasta dish once and it brought out a great flavor so I decided to follow through with it on this dish.

The steak is nothing special. It’s just a package up pound or so of steak for stir fry that I sliced up into cubes. I put a bit of garlic and freshly ground pepper on it as well as some Worcestershire sauce. And yes, I spelled it correctly, and I can pronounce it properly as well. They went into the pan and cooked until they browned. Since they were small pieces I didn’t bother with worrying about how they were cooked. I prefer my steaks medium rare, but since this is a pasta dish, I went for well done.

It ended up being a pretty good dish. The sauce was a little harsh when warmed up by the pasta. But cone it cooled down, it was pretty tasty. I’ll definitely recommend this to every I know. Kind of stroke my own ego a bit.