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Rossi’s Pink Floyd Helmet




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Vale is back!

Valentino Rossi



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MotoGP Malaysian Test





This season is about to get very real. A vicious youngster with Marc Marquez at Repsol Honda, Valentino is back on his Yamaha, and Spies gets a bike that he can ring it’s neck out.



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Congratulations Ben!

This has been a long time coming. Congratulations to Ben Spies for the first win in MotoGP at Assen!

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The 2011 M1, Yamaha’s new MotoGP fighter

Anyone notice two big differences from last year’s bike and this year’s bike? Well one is big, the other isn’t as noticeable. The big deal is that Fiat has left the Factory Yamaha squad. I wonder if Rossi leaving had anything to do with or not. It’s extremely upsetting because Fiat at Ducati, could unify Ducati and Ferrari, certainly not AMG. But this is about the Factory Yamaha squad. It’s great to finally see the 11 plate on this bike. Spies had to play by the rules and had to join a satellite team first season in MotoGP.

The amount of detail on the bikes is incredible with the bare carbon fiber on the front fairing. What I like is how they used Jorge’s initials to make his 1 plate. As you can also see Dainese left Factory Yamaha with Rossi when he ventured over to Ducati. But Jorge kept his unique dual color style, which makes him pretty easy to pick out on the track when he’s going by.

Ben’s leathers are a little different this year, he and Edwards shared the same style of type last year. But he definitely got a little bit of style picked up from Jorge. The bright blue gloves are a great style breaker on his dark blue and white leathers even on a dark blue and white bike. But the other difference on this year’s M1 is the Akrapovic exhaust. If you really want to call it an exhaust. The German company is becoming a big player in the world of motorsports again. Good to see Ben where he belongs, he’s a definite fighter this year.

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