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Kimi’s 2013 Monaco Helmet





He was asked to cover up the the image due to some bullshit. It was stated that the FOM, Formula One Management, has a rule against rear facing text on the helmets of drivers. Bernie Eccelstone stepped in and said “Let him have his way”. Most people agree the attorneys in the FOM group stopped it because they felt it was free advertising for the new movie Rush. Rush entails the 1976 Formula 1 season, where James Hunt and Niki Lauda had a ridiculous season and fight for the championship. Now if this “free advertising” idea was true. Why why hasn’t Kimi worn a James Hunt tribute or Rush inspired helmet all season?

Kimi is a big fan of James Hunt and wore a Hunt styled helmet last year at Monaco. Nice try FOM.

Oh and..

Go see Rush in theatres this September.

See what I did there!?

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E20 vs Tumbler?

Note the really stiff suspension on the Tumbler.

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And there’s video!

I am all sorts of fired up for 2012.

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