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I never stop being amazed at this

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More Senna stuff, this is creepy

Look how much he resembles Ayrton.

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Bruno putting in work

And making old school F1 fans shudder.

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No cell phone usage while driving

Okay, maybe he can get away with it for a little. Bruno Senna using his cellphone to video him driving at Spa in the R30.

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This sent shivers down my spine

Look who’s going in as a test driver rule for Lotus Renault GP.

Maybe you didn’t catch that quite as early as I did. Yes, that’s right. Bruno Senna is a test driver with Lotus Renault GP. His uncle Ayrton raced for Lotus too, didn’t win any championships, but still looked damn good doing it. It might not be a full ride, but god damn it, it is something for him. I’m glad he got it going with Lotus Renault of all teams.

I bet Ayrton is smiling proud for his nephew up there too. It doesn’t help that Bruno has a crazy resemblance for him either. Helmet on and visor up, he’s a spitting image of his uncle.

I just had to throw this up here out of respect for Ayrton Senna.

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