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Book Review: McQueen’s Machines

If you’re as big of a fan of Steve McQueen as I am, this is a must have book. If you’re an automotive enthusiast or not, it’s a good read. It gives insight to McQueen’s personality as how he went about modifying and driving his cars. The book spoke early on about how he was faced with a decision. To go race full time or go act full time. We can see what he ended up picking of course. It follows the days of his amateur road racing track days to his filming of Le Mans. He was an avid motorcycle racer as well. Many of his time spent doing motocross. Even his collection of vintage airplanes. There are comments and photos from his three wives and son Chad. Chad even wrote the foreword of this book to set the ambiance for the book. Matt Stone put a lot of time and effort into doing this book right. Steve would probably love the way this was done. Go pick it up. It’s twenty bucks at your local book store.