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No man tears were shed watching this

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The not so secret test


In a car with no livery on it, Ayrton tested a Lamborghini V12 in his McLaren. He loved the way the car felt with this motor in it. So much that he asked Ron Dennis if they could run it in the upcoming race. Unfortunately Ron said no to this idea. It’s held with great certainty that if Ron had allowed this motor to be ran in the McLaren car for the next season Ayrton might have stayed with them. Which meant the possibility of more championships and Ayrton still leaving and breathing today. It could have changed everything.



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The Liberty Walk airbag’d Murci

I know this is straight from StanceWorks but the work on this Lamborghini is really bar none. Some people might recognize the name Liberty Walk from their F40 and F50 duo. Those cars are driven hard and put away wet. And I can guarantee to some of the Lamborghini purists out there. This Lamborghini will used like it’s intended to be.

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