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Leno tests the Rally Mini

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Rally copilots are insane

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Knocked one off the bucket list today

Took a trip out to Watkins Glen today with my parents. I wanted to walk around the track, like literally walk it, but because Chrysler had some track gimmick going on that was shut down. Plus they also don’t let you do that stuff either. Odd, but okay. So we traveled back into town. In the first place, we stopped at The Lodge before even going to The Glen. I just had to walk in there and see where the legends partied after races. It was a pretty solid place. Too bad the place opened up at 3:30pm. No beers for me!

The place was pretty wicked to say the least. Just the tales in that place are amazing, the likes of James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Emmo Fittipaldi, Jackie Stewart, and the late great Jochen Rindt have partied here. I could only imagine what James Hunt brought to the table in this place. The lodge is pretty unique as they have little buildings you can stay in, which is pretty cool. After leaving here is when our encounter with The Glen occurred.

We drove around it twice, trying to find the entrance, which we actually drove by twice in the process. That’s when we found out the whole deal with the Chrysler thing. It wasn’t a problem really. We got told about the Thunder Road Tour. Which was twenty five bucks a car and took place at five o’clock. If we had stayed to do that, I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now. I’d probably be passed out on the drive back to PA.

We stopped to have lunch on Seneca Lake at some restaurant that I really can’t remember the name of right now. To further worsen this fact, it’s not on Google Maps or the Watkins Glen website. The food was mediocre at best, they a least made their own potato chips. I ordered a fish and chips, I got three glorified fish sticks with some nice fries and homemade tartar sauce.

On the way out of town we stopped by a guy’s house that my Dad did some business with a few years back. The guy lived on Decatur street in Watkins Glen. Where the cross streets have signs in older style F1 cars. It’s pretty neat, but the more interesting part is the fact this guy owns a real Mini Cooper. Not a converted one that we got here in limited supply. But a real right hand drive Mini Cooper. If my memory serves me correct it’s a Mini Morris Cooper, only offered in Australia and New Zealand. Any Mini fans can leave me a comment and I’ll edit the blog post as needed. It’s a neat little car and I’d like to eventually put one in my collection when I’m older.

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